Rogosin Scholars I
Rogosin Institute's Thomas Parker, M.D.
and Marc Rubin, M.D. '80
Selma Ruben Conference Center - 10.14.09

The Rogosin Institute Scholars

Each year, the WCMC Alumni Association and The Rogosin Institute jointly host a special reception acknowledging The Rogosin Institute Scholars for the current academic year. Affiliated with NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College, The Rogosin Institute is the premier not-for-profit medical treatment and research institution for kidney disease.

In 2004, the Institute generously established The Rogosin Institute Scholarships to benefit qualifying WCMC students in need of financial assistance. Each year, four WCMC students are named Rogosin Scholars and one student is named an Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholar. To date, 36 medical students have been named Rogosin Scholars and five medical students have been named Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholars.

Rogosin Scholars II
2014 Rogosin Scholars with Dean Laurie Glimcher
and Barry Smith, M.D. '72, Ph.D.
Myra Mahon Patient Resource Center - 1.22.14
David Cassagnol, Class of 2016
Andrew Hillman, Class of 2016
Yvonne Wang, Class of 2015 (not attending)
Emilie Williamson, Class of 2017
Darya Khazanova, Class of 2015*
Amare Assefa, Class of 2016
Jonathan Barclay, Class of 2017
Daniela Guisado, Class of 2017
Jermaine A. Myers, Class of 2014 *
Simin Zhang, Class of 2016
*Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholar
Matthew Cohn, Class of 2016
Sasha Druskin, M.D. '13 *
Rachel Feldman, Class of 2015
John E. Paddock, Class of 2016
Andrew Simmons, Class of 2015
*Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholar
Aleksey Dvorzhinskiy, Class of 2014
Mariana Forgie, Class of 2015
Lindsay Fourman, M.D. '12 *
Caroline Miranda, Class of 2014
Jamie Newberry, Class of 2015
*Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholar
Konstantinos Aprilakis, Class of 2014 *
Dustin Boothe, M.D. '13
Anthony Choi, Class of 2014
Alyssa Marchman, Class of 2014
Michael Rankin, Class of 2014
*Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholar
Joseph Alsberge, M.D. '13
Marta Galecki, M.D. '12
Andrea Lorenze, M.D. '13
David Saunders, Class of 2014
Cora Walsh, M.D. '12 *
*Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholar
Monica Prieto, M.D. '12
Joseph Ricci, M.D. '11
Carlo Canepa, M.D. '12
Odette Williams, M.D. '13
Danielle Acosta, M.D. '10
Shaka Bahadu, M.D. '13
David Chu, M.D. '08
Leeanne Stratton, M.D. '12
Michelanne Rothrock, M.D. '09
John Vajner, M.D. '09
Cynthia Santos, M.D. '11
Yusuke Terasaki, M.D. '10
Katherine DeStefano, M.D. '10
Robert LeBlanc, M.D. '09
Miguel Pineda, M.D. '08
Siobhan O'Herron, M.D. '09

In 2009, the Institute also established a scholarship endowment in tribute to the organization’s founder, the late Dr. Albert L. Rubin, an alumnus of the Medical College. Both The Rogosin Scholars and Albert L. Rubin, M.D. '50 Scholar programs serve as tributes to Dr. Rubin and his many contributions to nephrology, research, patient care, and medical education.

For more information on The Rogosin Institute Scholars, please contact Clara Cullen in the Office of Alumni Relations at 646-317-7412 or

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